ATHTech is using a Public Google Calendar for storing and reading the events and meetups. We also retain very few Pinned events that are edited only within the repository and reside in the _data/pinnedAgenda.yaml file. The Pinned events will appear after all the Calendar events.

What you need to do is create a new Calendar event from your Gmail account and invite the ATHTech Public Calendar:

Creating the Event

Event Name, Location, Time

Create a new event in your calendar, use a short and descriptive name, define the duration of the event...

The new Event form

In the Where field you need to enter a Google Maps resolvable address, meaning an address that Google Maps can resolve to a location.

A Good Address
Charilaou Trikoupi 18, Athens, 10679, Greece
A Bad Address
Charilaou Trikoupi 18, 5th floor

The Event Description

Event Description

The event description has a special role for the ATHTech website. It is used as the data entry field; The ATHTech engine will parse the description and look for specific keywords that will then use to render the event. The fields have a unique name and are separated using a colon from their values, here are all the possible fields:

  • Venue: This is a free text field, this is the place where you name a particular venue and any special instructions on where to find the meetup (i.e. 2nd floor, Office #3).
  • Info: This field expects a url that points to the events homepage.
  • Map: This field expects a Google Maps url that points directly to a Google Maps link with the exact location of the event.
  • About: A free text description of the event.

All of the above fields are optional, however at least one has to be defined. Here's an example Description event field from the OpenThessaloniki event:

Venue: 2nd Floor, Office 3
About: A free text description of the event.

Inviting ATHTech Calendar

Inviting ATHTech Calendar

You need to paste the following email address in the "Add Guests" field and press the "Add" button:

We know this is hard to remember so if you are a frequent event organizer then it would make sense to create a new contact "ATHTech Calendar" and save the email there...

That was it, you can now Save the new event and as soon as we accept the invitation it will automatically be propagated to the live website.

If all of this sounds too complicated for you, you can then try the Online Form of shame.

Contributors and Maintainers

If you know your way with Github, editing and updating the communities and the pinned agenda items is very simple, just edit the _data/communities.yaml or _data/pinnedAgenda.yaml files and send a Pull Request.